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Top Blokes Foundation

Top Blokes

Our goals are to raise awareness of men’s issues and strategies that can be used to improve the health and well-being development of young men. We encourage young males to reach their full potential through a peer-inspired environment, thereby improving their social integration and healthy peer relationships.

Top Blokes Foundation ensures young Australian men have access to personal development and volunteering opportunities. We increase the active representation of young people in local communities and the media.

Through our support one of our local foundations provide positive role models and programs to equip young men to face life’s challenges. Their programs help guide them to deal with situations like, bullying and mental health and peer-pressure. With our support they frequent schools to provide mentoring programs to help critical thinking so that they can build self-efficacy and healthy skills.

“We’ve gotten stronger through this program, mentally and physically it has helped me through heaps of stuff”.

“I think a top bloke is someone who respects others and knows how to deal with situations.”

“Top Blokes is a good program and hopefully whoever else does it falls in love with it the way me and my friends did.”

“Top Blokes has really changed my life, like the way I think about stuff, to think before you do things.”

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